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15 years ago I was:

Living in Carbondale, IL

In the middle of my 1st semester of college

Just getting over a bout of homesickness

Secretly sleeping, but not having sex with, the guy who would become my first real boyfriend

A brunette with medium-length hair

95 lbs.

Ten years ago I was:

Living in St. Louis, MO and Carbondale, IL

Still in love with Stephen, even though we were apart for most of the week

Working for an Incontinence Supply Mail Order Company

Planning to move back to Carbondale

Living with my Grandmother in Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO

A brunette

105 lbs.

Five years ago I was:

Living in St. Louis


Emotionally Lethargic

Working at the best job I ever had

Dating, but celibate


120 lbs.

Two years ago I was:

Living in St. Louis

Waiting to hear when I could move into my apartment in the city

Working as a recruiter


A redhead/brunette with highlights

130 lbs.

One year ago I was:

Getting ready to move down the block

Living with the Pissed-off Bastard

Working where I currently work

Competing with the liquor store for the POBs attention

Fighting a lot with the POB

A Brunette with red and blonde highlights.

135 lbs.

Yesterday I was

Living in my 3rd city apartment that I love

Playing rock-star with the boyfriend

Celebrating our 18 mo. anniversary by fighting

Still working at my kick-ass job

Waiting for my rock-star boyfriend to get home from the boat

Anticipating the holidays

Brunette with fading red/blonde highlights

14X lbs.

What is interesting about all this is how much actually happened in between all those time frames that isn't captured here--like the year I spent in LA and the year I spent in NC.