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I think I made my point

It has been a rough couple of days at CasaChristy. The POB has been spending a lot of time on the boat--fortunately he's winning, but I feel like I've been put through the wringer, for sure.

He was completely hammered yesterday. I left him at the Meow, after dropping off his briefcase, at 8:30. He was still there at 1. I got there about 1:30 and he was in the car on the phone for a half-hour. When he came back in I expected he would go home, but NOOOOOOOOO, he has to go to DB's to see "the guys from the liquor store." After I took the afternoon off to be with him. I was pissed. He came back in an hour and then went home. I called an hour later and woke him up IN HIS CAR, outside my apartment. When I came home a few minutes after that, we immediately started fighting. He was drunk and irrational and I decided to leave. I hid out at the HiWay bar until he called and kept calling. Finally, I left there and went home. Not long after that, he left "to cool off" (my suggestion) and decided to do it on the boat. He came home at midnight. He'd been awake since Monday morning at 7.

Everything's fine now, but that shit takes a lot out of me. Mostly because it's like dealing with a crazy person. Fortunately, it doesn't happen that often anymore.

I am going to play Candy Train.

My evil co-worker's shower started at 3 and I and my current office-mate are boycotting. However, we feel like there's no reason that we should have to work when no one else does so we are officially OFF as of 3 o'clock.

I watched the Anna Nicole Show for the first time last night and I was mildly and surprisingly entertained. I think it's funny that her lawyer is named Howard Stern. I guess that's why he puts the K in the middle--because who would call Howard Stern out of the yellow pages when you needed a lawyer unless you were a stripper or a hooker or a porn star or something. Of course, the middle initial did nothing to daunt Anna Nicole.

However, like I said, the show was entertaining enough that if I'm ever in the situation I was last night, I'd watch it again. There's something so disengenuous about her, it's hard not to like her. I think.