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Fried Corn

1/2 bag frozen niblets. (corn niblets that is)

1 1/4 inch of butter (from the stick)

1 half medium onion chopped

1 half a firm-fleshed apple chopped (optional)


In a frying pan, melt butter and saute onions until tender, add corn and apple.

Saute (fry) all until corn is just cooked--I like it a little brown. But not too brown or the corn gets sticky. Add butter as necessary. Salt to taste at the end of the cooking cycle. Don't do it too early or the corn gets puny.

Serves 1

Last night was something else...

Today, Leesa and I stalked Ko and then talked him into having lunch with us. Hahahahhahahaha...we had lunch with Ko and you all didn't. As usual, Ko was his charming, self-deprecating, self-aware, self. Only, he has hair. Ko with hair is not as different a Ko as one would think.

I changed the locks last night. POB left, went to the boat and didn't return until 7 am. I had to meet him at the Meow to give him his briefcase. This is going to be a rock-star week. I can tell this already.

I feel better than I have in a long time. I'm not sure why, but I feel like I have a better handle on my life. Maybe it's that the POB is finally contributing to the household expenses in a concrete manner and therefore we do not argue about money anymore and I don't stay awake at night wondering how this or that is going to get paid.

My job is going well. I'm not having much anxiety about that. In fact, this week, I've had to deal with the undeserved wrath of a person I will refer to as Dr. Ireson. He's pissy that this protocol he submitted at the end of August still isn't through the scientific review committee. Jeez. We got it from him at the end of August, submitted it by the first available deadline, it was reviewed at the first possible meeting and we received the contingencies near the end of October (the meeting was the 10th, the letter was dated the 16th, campus mail delivered it around the 22nd). There were some issues that needed to be dealt with. Mostly from the colo-rectal people and then by the statistician. There is NO way, based on when we got the protocol from him that we could have made the submission process happen ANY faster. I mean, there's only 1 deadline a month and only 1 meeting a month.

This week he basically COMMANDED that the statistician move his study to the top of her priority list and have it finished in a day or two. And then said, that if she had just reviewed it to begin with, this wouldn't be a problem now. First, he wrote in an EMAIL that he would contact the stats office directly. Secondly, this is just NOT a big deal. You have to understand that often, the stats have to be redone or defended or something--this is not unusual. Also, this is happening in a very timely manner. It's just a little over a month since the meeting it was reviewed in.

However, EVERYTHING has been blown way out of proportion. He is angry with my boss because she's cc'd the medical director of the clinical trials office on the subsequent communication (as she should--but the med. director and this doctor work in the same dept.). He wrote: "You may report to him but I would like to repeat my request that no more of my notes be cc'd to him." (as an aside, I think he's missing the point: she's cc'ing Dr. M on her responses--covering her ass, basically--and you really to include the message you are responding to to do that.) Anyway, she writes him back explaining that it is her job to keep him in the loop regarding the management of this office, etc. and that while she'll keep his request in mind, she can't guarantee that she will always be in a position to honor it. He wrote back: "You may report to him but I would like to repeat my request that no more of my notes be cc'd to him." Finally, she just said, "Request noted."

She really backed up my office (me) and the stats people in a big way. The bottom line is, he screwed up and wants to blame everyone else. First, he said he NEVER said he would contact stats directly. Then, when faced with his email where he DID say that, he changed tacks and said, "Well, I did do that and then your office said you'd follow up." My ass. In any case, he signed off on the damn protocol to begin with.

But, I still love my job. Even if I have to deal with what my mother would call "horse's patoots."