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I LOVE to earn free Google Play Gift cards online while in my pajamas! 😀 I have been earning money online for a few years now and have learned a few things along the way that I wanted to share with you.

I only belong to sites that are easy to use, like the sites that pay for just searching or clicking on links, watching videos, etc. We don’t do surveys to get free Google Play codes! I got so tired of spending time on a survey just to find out I didn’t qualify, so I don’t even try those anymore.

Each of these sites only takes a short amount of time to do each day, but they all sum up to quite a bit of money in the form of free valid Google Play redeem codes in the run of a year! This is great extra money for Christmas or for a special treat that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy!

I usually do more than one site at a time to get thru all of them quickly. I open each site in its own tab in my browser.

redemption page play store

Here is what I do:

  1. Start the first Swagbucks app..I start with Swagbucks Tv. Check out my Swagbucks Guide for more info on the apps.
  2. Go to Unique Rewards and start doing your Clicks. You have to wait 30 seconds in between each one, so open the first one and then proceed to step 2. As you continue through the steps, keep coming back and clicking on the next link. Note: the links won’t show up if it hasn’t been 24 hours since you did them last.
  3. Go to Swagbucks and check the homepage for tasks to do, jungroup, ngage or the girl in a group of friends. Start the tasks.
  4. Go to Bing .com and start searching for free Play Store Codes. I like to click on the news items that come up on the bottom.
  5. After the Swagbucks tasks are done, make the “daily” to-do list. You will earn 4 Swagbucks, and if you have the extension installed, you will get 1sb just for signing into Swagbucks each day.
  6. Keep going back to Unique Rewards and work your way thru the Click links. When you run out of clicks, open the Video tab and start the first video.
  7. Go back to Swagbucks and go to the Encrave section under the Discover tab. Start doing one of the links. As you do a few links more will unlock. See my Swagbucks guide for my favorite Encrave links.
  8. Rinse and Repeat! 🙂 Do this every day, and you could earn $2 or more per day! That’s $60 or more extra cash for free Google Play gift cards per month just by spending a short time each day on each site.


That’s $720 or more FREE money in your pocket each year! Woohoo! I have recently started doing more offers on Swagbucks and usually earn $60 per month just from that site alone.

These are the steps I usually follow, but you could break it up and do some in the morning and some at night, whatever works for you! You could even do it while you watch tv or I just do this while I am online anyway. 🙂 I hope I have inspired you to give this a try!

I am always looking for more easy sites to join, and will keep this list updated with the most current easiest ways to earn!

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