Glory China 1 ClashCon 2015 Champions – Clash of Clans Tournament


Here they are folks, the top three Clash of Clans Legends for September of 2015:???Are you all?? With a large 5093 trophies is the Legend League Champion for September. If I’m not mistaken, 5093 trophies are the new Clash of Clans all time trophy count record.

Up in smoke Pie led the way for parts of the month but was unable to close the gap late in the period with the new Clash of Clans Legend League Champion.The piece, a small level 138 with yet to be finished walls, managed to place in the top 3 Legends for September. Very impressive league season for one of the Arab Champions.

There they are, the three best Clash of Clans trophy hunters for September 2015. Will we be seeing any of these Legends in the October Season? With ClashCon only a few weeks away the competition between Titans and Legends is bound to be more fierce than ever. Here is the video of final match.

There is no question, the best defense in Clash of Clans is a shield. How many times have we all scrolled through our defense log searching for someone to revenge only to find shield after shield. Can’t attack some with a shield. That means using your shields effectively is the best way to protect your loot.

For the extraterrestrial challenge, this principle will be of paramount importance. There are a few things built into the rules of the game that make using only a shield for defense, by far, the best strategy for maxing your base.

1st principle.

If the app is open, no one can attack you. This means that you can raid for a few hours at a time completely free from being attacked.

2nd principle.

Loot that can be stolen from resource storages caps out around 100k (gold and elixir), and 2k (dark elixir) give or take a few thousand, depending on the town hall level ratio between attacker and defender.

Resource collectors (drills and mines) on the other hand do also cap out but at a much higher % of their maximum capacity, somewhere near 75%.

Make sure you’re harvesting your resources and make sure you get at least a raid or two in before your shield runs out and your base will continue to grow regardless of how many times it gets completely smashed.

Final principle.

The long shield. When your base gets hit for, if I’m not mistaken, 90% or a total destruction, you receive a 16-hour shield rather than the standard 12-hour shield.

This provides you with an additional 4 hours to collect resources with your drills and mines. I don’t want to minimize the interest of this fact.

Over time, this will be an immense power. That 4 hours is going to give you time to read a book, take in a movie, or anything else you might want to do Clash of Clans free. Meanwhile, your villagers are going to be busting their asses, doing all of the work for you.

The key, of course, is patience.

Heres an update from et- 3 days into the Extraterrestrial Challenge:2015-09-28

Extraterrestrial Challenge Parameters:

  1. Cannot purchase gems.
  2. No defensive buildings. (The cannon built in the tutorial is the exception.)
  3. Walls are permitted.
  4. Traps are optional (This contingency is included purely because it may be fun to muck about with traps. If fans request traps, then they may be added.)

The Extraterrestrial Challenge is under way Legend or lunatic? Only time will tell if et- survives his epic quest.2015-09-25


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